Ask PSLS: What Did You Think of the PlayStation Meeting and PlayStation 4?

Now that the PlayStation meeting is over and we’ve had a chance to take a look at the PlayStation 4 and Sony’s plans for the new console, Sebastian, Dan, Chandler and I wanted to do a special edition of Ask PSLS where we talk about what we thought of the meeting and PS4.

So, the question this time around is simple: What Did You Think of the PlayStation Meeting and PlayStation 4?

Chandler Wood – Dazed (@FinchStrife)

While not everything was shown that I hoped (I hoped for a lot and that was too much to ask for), the stuff actually shown was nothing short of incredible and it’s amazing to think that it’s finally here. This wasn’t Sony’s Wonderbook E3 press conference. This was the PS4 and they came in guns blazing. Sony now has the upper hand in the next-gen war, because they were first onto the battlefield.

As of now, the PlayStation 4 IS the next-gen. There are no other systems. The social and connected features were a lot cooler than I expected and the things that they are going to do with the cloud seem amazing. It was nice to see them integrate the PS Vita via the cloud as well, now let’s hope that these claims come to light and aren’t just wishful thinking that blow away in the wind. Bring on holiday 2013.

Dan Oravasaari – Dan Backwards is Nad (@FoolsJoker)

Honestly, I am still buzzing from the show. Sony really seems to have learned a lot about what to do with a console unveiling, I just hope that they are able to follow through with the promises they put out today. There was so much information, as games were basically being shown for the first time, one right after another, with little time to take in what was being shown and I think that people will be picking up new bits for days to come.

The tech for the PS4 was not surprising at all, but what really made me the happiest was when they announced the PS4 will have 8GB of unified RAM. Given the issues that the PS3 had with its memory usage, and the countless rumors surrounding the PS4 specs, that is something I am glad they put to rest.

Jason Dunning – Amazed (@Jasonad21)

The PS4 is going to be amazing, there’s nothing else I can really say. Graphics aside, Sony managed to get a huge amount of developers to commit to the system, the Gaikai functionality sounds epic, PS4 games can run on the PlayStation Vita, and it just sounds like something I’ll wait in line for, days before it comes out.

As for the meeting itself, it started off really well. The hype was there, the music was blasting, and they told us enough about the PS4 to make everyone want one. For me though, the lack of what the PS4 actually looks like was a miss, the Square Enix portion of the show just seemed like it wasn’t needed at all, and that one standout title wasn’t shown.

I know that more information is going to be revealed in the coming months, hopefully showing off more inFamous: Second Son and brand new titles from first party developers, and I cannot wait.

Sebastian Moss – Slowly Picking Up His Jaw (@SebMoss)

Boooom! Sony hyped up the event big time, and they really brought the heat. The new Killzone game looked scary good, new inFamous should be awesome, Drive Club looked ok, and The Witness is cool. But the star of the show absolutely has to be the inter-connectivity via Gaikai. That’s $380 million well spent, and will be a deciding factor in the next console war, mark my words. This is the future of PlayStation, and it’s not just tied to the console – it’s console gaming on any device. Hell yeah. And you can watch people play, which I don’t like, but apparently a lot of people are into.

I would have liked to have actually seen the console though… and, seriously, don’t bring on Square Enix to show a year-old video and then say it’s just a target video anyway and not coming to PS4.

And where was KAZ?!!!

What did you think of the PlayStation meeting and PlayStation 4? Let us know in the comments below.