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Sony Stock Falls 1%, Sites Think it “Nose Dived”

It’s difficult to understand market fluctuations. Hell if I did, I wouldn’t be writing for PSLS! I kid, I kid, but apparently some investors weren’t kidding. Destructoid (via Yahoo Japan’s Finance page) snapped the above screenshot of Sony’s stock price when the big reveal of the PS4 happened in New York tonight, calling it a “nose dive”, something other sites have continued to spout.

It looks frightening, but that’s because the graph is zoomed in. The decline in Sony’s share price is minimal coming in at about a 1% decrease so it’s nothing so crazy as to be called ‘a nose dive.’ Plus the stock also rebounded and is actually up in after hours trading (currently at +2.42%) on the NYSE.

Sony is not doomed, carry on people.

[Thanks for the tip Davis!]