Rumor: Trophies Leak for New Dishonored DLC “The Other Side of the Coin”

While trophy lists are not confirmations of a pending release in and of themselves, they do seem portentous these days. A trophy list for some new Dishonored DLC titled “The Other Side of the Coin” may soon show up on PSN if a leaked trophy list is to be believed.

The news that more DLC is on the way for Dishonored should come as no surprise. Late last year, when Bethesda had just announced the “Dunwall City Trials” DLC pack, they also said that two more packs, with a more narrative focus, were on the way.

The trophy list indicates that the DLC will contain some new locations such as the Rothwild Slaughterhouse and some new characters as well. The leaked list was posted on PS3Trophies before being picked up by IGN. According to the IGN article, there have also been rumors circulating that this story DLC won’t focus on Corvo Attano, but rather Daud, a major antagonist from the first game. It’s too early to tell whether that plot detail happens to be true or not, especially because Bethesda declined to comment when news of this DLC was followed-up on by Polygon. The list contains several spoilers, but we’ve included it below:

  • Just Business – You got the information needed from the Rothwild Slaughterhouse
  • Missing Pieces – You obtained Delilah Copperspoon’s identity from Thalia Timish
  • Well Connected – You purchased all of the Favors in The Other Side of the Coin
  • No Regrets – You completed The Other Side of the Coin in High Chaos
  • Redemptive Path – You completed The Other Side of the Coin in Low Chaos
  • Whisper Ways – You completed The Other Side of the Coin without alerting anyone
  • Cleaner Hands – You completed The Other Side of the Coin without killing anyone
  • Rats and Ashes – You caused a death using an arc mine and a rat
  • Message from the Empress – You performed a drop assassination from atop the Empress statue
  • Stone Cold Heart – You spoke with the statue of Delilah in Timsh’s estate

With Bethesda’s refusal to comment, and thus its refusal to confirm or deny whether this DLC even exists, obviously there hasn’t been any announcement of a price or release date. But we’ll keep our eyes and ears open here at PSLS. So are any of you going to pick this up if it becomes a reality? Do many of you still have your copies of Dishonored?