Deathloop Goldenloop Update

Deathloop Goldenloop Update Adds New Ending and PvP Crossplay Today

Deathloop‘s PS5 exclusivity period came to an end today as the game made its debut on Xbox Series X|S and PC. At the same time, the Deathloop Goldenloop update was introduced on all platforms, bringing along a new extended ending and crossplay for PvP matchmaking amongst many other gameplay improvements and bug fixes.

Deathloop Goldenloop Update Patch Notes

While the Goldenloop update was announced last week, Bethesda failed to mention the game would be getting a new extended ending. The ending is part of the new secrets introduced with today’s update, as well as crossplay between PSN, Xbox, Steam, Epic, and the Microsoft Store. Players can choose whether to enable crossplay and can opt to continue to play with fellow PS5 players only. Other new features include a Fugue ability for Colt, the HALPS Prototype weapon, the Paint-Bomber enemy, more upgrades for Julianna’s Masquerade ability, and 2-in-1 trinkets. You can see all of the changes in the full patch notes below:


  • Added a new ability, Fugue Slab: Stun and confound your foes with this ability and it’s 4 upgrades
  • Added a new weapon, HALPS Prototype: Use it to fry your enemies
  • Added 2 new enemies: Face off against the armored Garbage Collector and the dangerous Paint Bombers
  • Added an extended “Break the Loop” ending
  • Added 4 upgrades to the Masquerade ability: Customize Julianna’s Masquerade Slab with new Trinkets while protecting the timeloop
  • Added new Double Trinkets: Enhance yourself with 19 new two-in-one trinkets
  • Added 11 new Trinkets and 4 new Weapon Perks
  • Added a new explorable area to Karl’s Bay
  • Added new player idle animations: Show off your mastery of weapons and slabs by doing nothing at all!


  • Added new cross-platform invasion option across PSN, Xbox, Steam, Epic, and the Microsoft Store environments. You can set your Cross-Platform Matchmaking to a setting of Any (all platforms) or Same (just your platform). You can also set your Cross-Platform Matchmaking controller also to Any (all controller types) or Same (just the one you are using)


  • Refined “Hacker” and “Trinket Creator” side missions
  • Refined rewards for several side missions
  • Added more Trinkets to the loot pool (drops from enemies) and placed in some areas in levels
  • Refined the Delivery Booth by adding a clear confirmation message and turning on the Delivery Booth screen so the status of orders can be checked immediately
  • Added photos of the four HZN doors to the knowledge cards for “Julianna’s Lead: The Hunt”
  • Moved throwable bottles away from health pickups
  • Replaced art for the completion card for the Lead “Rise to Power: Infusion”
  • Clarified Egor’s Visionary and Golden Loop marker in Updaam (evening) so they are consistent with Wenjie’s in Updaam (evening) and with Egor’s in The Complex (evening)
  • Added a new Battery Station at near Aleksis’ mansion in Updaam. Find it behind the statue, near the cliff
  • Tweaked some Accessibility options: Renamed “Combat Difficulty” to “Loop Stress”, removed “Lock Loop Stress” and added “Loot Quality”
  • Made miscellaneous improvements to text localization


  • Added Inner and Outer deadzone adjustment in options menu
  • Added Axial Damping (corrects vertical inputs to help looking straight up or down) adjustments in options menu
  • Added Camera Acceleration in options menu
  • Added Camera sensitivity (speed) in options menu


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the player to be stuck in menus
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the player to be stuck in connection queue after failing to connect to a friend invasion
  • Fixed several random crashes and stability issues
  • Made miscellaneous bug fixes

In other news, Bloodborne won’t be getting a PS5 remaster or PC port anytime soon because FromSoftware is too busy. Elsewhere, Twitch will be changing their gambling policy on October 18.