Diggs Nightcrawler Out This May, Trailer Shows off the Gameplay

March 4, 2013Written by Jason Dunning

As we’ve said before, not much news has come our way about the new Wonderbook title, Diggs Nightcrawler, since it was shown at gamescom 2012, but Sony has finally released some actual information about the game, saying that it is scheduled to release in May 2013. A specific date wasn’t narrowed down, but May 7th has recently been vacated.

Diggs Nightcrawler has you going up against the Three Little Pigs, described as “a group of highly disorganised police officials in Library City.” Since they aren’t very good at solving crimes, Diggs’ skills are always put to the test:

More videos are expected for Diggs Nightcrawler in the coming weeks, but with some news about this game, we’re now wondering when other gamescom 2012 titles like Until Dawn and Rain will get dated and explained in further detail. Whenever that may be, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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