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New Outlast Trials Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Cooperative Play and Story Details

The Outlast Trials, the third title in the Outlast series of survival horror games, received its first gameplay trailer showcasing some of its cooperative elements. Developer Red Barrels revealed the footage through gamescom 2021’s Opening Night Live event, teasing some of the enemies that players will get to meet in the upcoming game.

Set in the Cold War era, The Outlast Trials puts players in the shoes of a test subject of the mysterious Murkoff Corporation. According to the trailer, the corporation is subjecting players to “therapy” in the most inaccurate sense. Horrifying enemies, not unlike those in past Outlast games, fill the testing grounds that players must clear. The official description of the game states that players will be able to take on the challenge “alone or in teams to survive with their sanity intact.”

Furthermore, the gameplay trailer shows off a few interactions between players. One moment shows a player jumping across a gap while another player helps them get over safely. In another instance, we see that players can set down land mines and throw items to distract and damage enemies. Though, whether or not we’ll be able to kill them permanently is an entirely different question.

Additionally, the official description confirms that The Outlast Trials is set in the same universe as past Outlast games. While we’re still not sure how exactly the pieces will fit together, the prospect of a cooperative Outlast game is bound to interest both new and returning fans.

Unfortunately, Red Barrels has not yet announced the game’s platforms or release date. The original Outlast released for PC and PlayStation 4 in 2013, while its sequel Outlast 2 released for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as well. The previous teaser trailer was also revealed via PC Gaming Show, which likely means that the game will at least come to PCs.

You can watch the full Outlast Trials gameplay trailer below:

The Outlast Trials was first announced back in 2019, but little has been heard about the co-op game since, until now. Red Barrels is still aiming for a 2021 release window.

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