The Outlast Trials PS5, PS4 Versions Are Slated for 2024

While PC player are currently getting to play the Early Access version of Red Barrel’s The Outlast Trials, console owners, especially those who are fans of the Outlast series, have been left with pouting lips and longing eyes as they await confirmation the multiplayer title will be officially heading their way. Now, the Outlast Trials PS5 and PS4 versions have been confirmed, but there is a slight catch.

The Outlast Trials PS4 and PS5 versions are coming

Director Alex Charbonneau penned a developer update on Steam to fill players in on what coming for the game on PC, but also had a bit on the state of console versions. The good news is they are coming, and not just for the current gen. The bad news is they aren’t coming that soon.

“We are currently actively working on fulfilling a major request: bringing the game to consoles. This means launching on PS5, Xbox S/X, and older gen (PS4/XboxOne) while enabling crossplay with PC,” said Charbonneau. “Our aim is to ensure that the unique social experience of The Outlast Trials can be shared across platforms, despite the technical complexity it requires. Our progress is promising, but we can’t provide a console release date or guarantee universal crossplay just yet. Originally targeting 2023, we are now eyeing an early 2024 console release due to the challenges faced by our small team.”

So understandably, it’s a lot of work for a small team, but it is working hard to get console players in on the brutal trials, and to have them able to play with others.

The Outlast Trials is a co-op multiplayer sequel to the previous Outlast games in name only. It sees anywhere between one and four players participate in a brainwashing test facility’s cruel and barbaric games of psychological and physical torture. It’s still about you being largely helpless, but the environments can be used to aid your success in the trials.

The game has picked up a lot of positive feedback on Steam, and Red Barrels is taking on player feedback ahead of a full launch.