the outlast trials ps5 release date

Is There an Outlast Trials PS5 Release Date?

The Outlast Trials launched on Early Access for Steam on May 18, but many fans are awaiting a PS5 release date. Here’s what we know about a PS5 release date for the cooperative horror game.

When is The Outlast Trials coming to PS5?

There is currently no PS5 release date for The Outlast Trials. While the previous games in The Outlast series were released on PS4, The Outlast Trials is only available on PC.

The Outlast Trials early access is only available on PC from May 18, 2023, but there is still a chance the game will launch on PS5 for its full release. On Red Barrels’ official Twitter account, they stated they “are working to have The Outlast Trials be playable on as many platforms as possible.”

While this should mean that PS5 owners should be able to play The Outlast Trials eventually, there will be no early access version.

Red Barrels have confirmed there will be cross-platform play for the full release, although you cannot transfer your progression. This means if you start playing The Outlast Trials on PC, you won’t be able to pick up where you left off if you switch to PS5 later on.

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