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best ps4 horror games

A Curated List of The Best PS4 Horror Games Materializes on Reddit

Some answers will surprise you, some will not.

Outlast game sales were amazing to say the least

Outlast: The Tough Road From $1 Million to $64 Million

The journey of Outlast… was impressive.

outlast 3

Red Barrels Studio Will Eventually Make Outlast 3

It’s not in development right now, but it’s planned!

Outlast 2 Game Giveaway!

Bring the scares and win!

Outlast 2 Update Is Live on PS4 & Xbox One, Balances Normal Difficulty (Update)

Outlast 2 “has been a tremendous success.”

Outlast 2 Review – Sinister Transitions (PS4)

Just try not jumping at some of these scares!

Outlast 2, What Remains of Edith Finch Trophy Lists Revealed

Outlast 2 has a Platinum, Edith Finch doesn’t.

Outlast 2 – Everything You Need to Know

Red Barrels’ horror sequel is almost upon us and I hope you’re wearing the brown pants.

Check Out 10 Mins of Outlast 2 Gameplay

Shows some creepy environments.

Outlast 2 Dev Clarifies Australian Classification Issue, Says It Was a Submission Error

Looks like the game wasn’t modified after all.

Outlast 2 Approved for Release in Australia, Only One Version of the Game Will Be Available Worldwide

But it does appear as though there’s been some modification.

Outlast 2 Refused Classification in Australia

If the scene(s) in question are removed, it would be rated R18+.

Outlast 2 Launches on April 25 for PS4, Xbox One & PC

Outlast Trinity for PS4 and Xbox One is out the same day, puts both games on a disc.

Outlast 2 Developer is Actually Making a “Companion Diaper” for Those Who Might S*** Themselves

It’s real, and it’s on Kickstarter.

PS4 Horror Games 2016 – Buyer’s Guide

Very spoopy!

Outlast 2 Interview – Upgrading the Fear

Red Barrels talks about PSVR, PS4 Pro, sales, and a lot more!

Red Barrels Shares Original Outlast Sales Figures, Talks About the Ending

“the main issue with the ending was that we simply ran out of time…”

Outlast 2 PS4 Pro Support Confirmed, Enhancements Detailed

Prepare for a better scare-perience!

Outlast 2 Won’t Support PlayStation VR According to Red Barrels

At least not at launch.