Outlast 2 Game Giveaway!

Have we got one killer of a giveaway for you this week! Thanks to the awesome folks at Red Barrels, we’re giving away Outlast 2 for the PlayStation 4!

How to win one of our three (3) Outlast 2 North America PS4 digital codes? Super simple! Tell us the scariest story you know (or the scariest thing that happened to you or you’ve experienced) in the comments and we’ll pick a winner by the weekend! And nope, cheeky stuff won’t be considered. Take note that we’ll be sending the codes to the email address you registered for Disqus.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to check our Outlast 2 review where our own Paulmichael Contreras gave it a 9/10 (with an Editor’s Choice badge, too!) and said:

Outlast 2 is an intense adventure that will keep you up for many sleepless nights. Red Barrels knows how to keep players on their toes. The game’s heavily-scripted scenarios can annoy if you don’t get the mechanic at play immediately, and are thus forced to repeat a section multiple times, but generally the formula continues to work in Outlast 2. This is survival horror at its most base level, where you are a mostly defenseless layperson caught up in a horrifying ordeal, who would feel lucky just to escape with your life. The wait was indeed worth it, and Outlast 2 should be on the must-play list of horror fans everywhere.

Share your scary stories below and let’s get this nightmare fuel discussion going!

Stay tuned for another PlayStation LifeStyle giveaway next week.