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Outlast Studio Celebrates Halloween With Intriguing Teaser Image, Outlast 3 Announcement Possibly Incoming

The PlayStation Plus offerings for November 2019 include Outlast 2. However, developer Red Barrels isn’t content with that being the only Halloween surprise. The studio is also teasing an announcement set to come soon. What it may entail is anyone’s guess at present. Perhaps the image that accompanied the tease could offer a few hints?

Check out the teaser image from Red Barrels in the tweet linked below:

Naturally, many are inclined to think this is likely a teaser for Outlast 3. This especially holds true since the studio itself once stated it had interest in developing the franchise’s third mainline entry. When this statement was given, Red Barrels hinted that the team was indeed hard at work on something new. That fresh experience, at the time at least, was not Outlast 2 DLC nor another direct sequel. Instead, the project merely received note as a “distinct experience set in the Outlast universe.”

Fans in the replies to the teaser image’s Twitter thread are already speculating. One person in particular blew up the image, zooming in on the tag hanging from a wrist. The tag reads, “MK–” with a list of six numbers following it. Might it be related to Murkoff Corporation, the organization behind the illicit science experiments conducted on asylum patients at Mount Massive? Or does this serve as a direct reference to MKUltra experiments, which, in-universe, preceded the dealings of Murkoff Corporation? Unfortunately, the post from Red Barrels offers no hint as to when these questions and myriad others will finally receive an answer.

Still, the impending announcement lines up perfectly with PS Plus subscribers getting Outlast 2 next month for free, offering further evidence that Outlast 3 is on the darkening horizon.

[Source: Red Barrels on Twitter]