the outlast trials teaser

Unnerving The Outlast Trials Teaser Reveals a 2021 Release Window

Late last year, developer Red Barrels announced a brand-new entry in the Outlast universe, The Outlast Trials. Then, the key piece of information concerned four-player co-op capabilities. But the most recent bit of news has a far more unnerving hook to it. Apparently, the game’s test subjects, including the player-character, will have night-vision tech installed onto their craniums. A new teaser trailer hints at as much, while also sharing the title’s 2021 release window.

See the horror for yourself in The Outlast Trials teaser linked below:

Red Barrels showcased the new look during this past weekend’s PC Gaming Show. While much of the trailer is cinematic in nature, there does exist a tinge of gameplay near the end. It does not last long, though, since the character is quickly dispatched by hulking, sledgehammer-wielding figure.

In showcasing the above teaser trailer, Red Barrels also shared more details about the story behind The Outlast Trials. This Cold War-set adventure sees human test subjects “involuntarily recruited” by the Murkoff Corporation. The tests themselves center on advanced brainwashing and mind control methods. Test subjects, and by proxy players, will find themselves pushed to the brink, their endurance, morals, and sanity all hanging in the balance. Maybe things won’t be so overwhelming in four-player co-op, though? (Yeah, right.)

As of writing, it seems The Outlast Trials is only confirmed for PC, given its appearance on the PC Gaming Show. However, neither the trailer nor Red Barrels’ YouTube description for said trailer feature concrete details about specific platforms. Such information is likely to emerge as 2021 draws near.

[Source: Red Barrels]