Ustream App Coming to the PlayStation 3, Won’t Have Same Sharing Options as on PS4

March 6, 2013Written by Sebastian Moss

During the February PlayStation Meeting, it was revealed that the PS4 will be deeply integrated with Ustream, allowing people to share their gaming experiences with the Ustream audience and other PS4 users. It also means that PS4 users will be able to watch all the concerts, space launches and PlayStation Meetings that the video site hosts. But what about the good ol’ PS3? It’ll get Ustream as well, the company has told us.

We asked Ustream’s CEO Brad Hunstable whether the PS3 will get any love, and get a Ustream app just for watching rather than sharing. He replied:

Yeah, it won’t obviously have the other stuff, but we do plan on doing that.

As for the Vita, it’s “yet to be determined”. For the PS4, however, he explained that the aim was to bring the full roster of Ustream content to the new console:

Yeah, our intent is to bring all of our content, so today was Elon Musk’s SpaceX flight, that was bringing a capsule to the international space station, and content like that should be on there. If you want to watch a major music festival, or a skateboarding event or whatever, we want to bring all of that content into the PlayStation experience. And the reason is that these are not just gaming devices, these are media devices. So when you have 30 million connected users, we can serve entertainment outside of just gaming and we will absolutely be a part of that.

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