Aksys Games Having Disaster Relief Donation Drive

On March 11th, 2011, a tsunami and earthquake completely destroyed whole towns in Northeast Japan. Two years later, recovery is still crawling, and the majority of the affected have not been able to move back into their homes and resume their previous lives. Donations came pouring in immediately after the event, but rebuilding efforts still need your help. That said, Aksys games is holding a special event in its store. For every game you buy from the Aksys Online Store, now through March 15th, the company will donate $5 to The Red Cross for relief efforts in Japan.

If you’re lost on what to buy, I’ll recommend some stellar games that probably flew under your radar. First up, Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward has received high praise from nearly everyone who played it. I can’t imagine, however, that it has sold the amount it deserves. Well, here’s your chance to do two great things at once: buy that game for either 3DS or PS Vita, and support a good cause.

If you’re like me and you’ve got a PSP kicking around, the RPG Fate/Extra and very interesting Jikandia are worth a look.

And don’t forget, Aksys is the publisher that brings over the Agarest and BlazBlue series to North America, so you can pick those up if you’re looking for something on the TV consoles.

(In the picture above, I am second from the left. My group is standing on the foundation of what was a house. It’s completely gone now. Behind us are some destroyed apartment buildings.)