Patch 1.05 for Sound Shapes Adds Offline Play & Community Milkcrate, DLC Brings New Campaign Levels

Today marks the release of patch 1.05 for Sound Shapes, a big update that takes up 175MB on your PlayStation Vita and 178MB on the PlayStation 3.

The official patch notes are available to view in the picture above this article, with further details about the Community Milkcrate showing that the Sound Shapes team chose creative levels in the Community and put them into themed albums. When selected, each of those levels becomes a part of the game, with each having interesting notes alongside them. At launch, the Milkcrate has six albums and 35 levels to choose from.

Offline Play doesn’t really need much more explanation other than the fact that it was heavily requested by fans and allows you to sync Community levels by pressing a button, then you can play them at any time.

As for the Car Mini-Album and Entity Pack available later today, that runs you $1.99 and adds a new vehicle into Sound Shapes , allowing you to play the game “like never before.” In all, the pack has new campaign levels, a full Sound Pack, new editor entities (loop-de-loops, speed boosts, etc.), Beat School lessons, and even trophies.

For everyone outside of North America, Europe receives the DLC and patch tomorrow, with the rest of the world following on Thursday.

Are you going to spend money on the new DLC? Or just stick with everything in the free patch? Let us know in the comments below.

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