The Pinball Arcade is Headed to PlayStation 4, Star Trek TNG Table Arrives on March 19th

Already available on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, FarSight Studios has revealed that The Pinball Arcade is also being developed for PlayStation 4. No release date or release window was hinted at for the PS4 version, though they will be “adding rendering tech for per pixel ray casting, area lights/shadows, point lights and screen space ambient occlusion (which is a fancy way to say even more shadows).”

Along with also updating the physics and gameplay on all of the DLC tables they release, FarSight is “confident” they can “maintain the smooth 60 fps that you need in a pinball game.”

Looking at the more immediate future, The Pinball Arcade is bringing out Star Trek: The Next Generation this Tuesday, March 19th (20th in Europe) on PS3 and PS Vita. Then, on March 26th (27th in Europe), Table Pack 10 comes to the PSN and it includes Genie, as well as Attack from Mars.

Which do you prefer – The Pinball Arcade or Zen Pinball 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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