Bastion Developers Reveal Transistor, They “Have not yet Decided on Which Platform or Platforms the Game Will be Available for”

One downloadable title that has, sadly, never come to the PlayStation Network is Bastion from Supergiant Games. Winning a boatload of awards when it launched in the Xbox Live Arcade and on PC in 2011, Supergiant has stayed busy since then, bringing it to iOS platforms as well.

While there aren’t any whispers of Bastion ever making its way to PlayStation, their newest game, Transistor, might. Announced today by the company with an early 2014 release expected, they “have not yet decided on which platform or platforms the game will be available for.” This means there’s always hope for a PS3, PS Vita, or maybe PS4 version of the game.

We’ll be sure to let you know if Transistor or Bastion ever get announced for a PlayStation platform, but while you wait, here’s the reveal trailer for Transistor:

Supergiant will be showing off an early build of Transistor at PAX East, so if you go there and notice a PlayStation controller is being used, please let us know. Anthony will be there too, so he’ll be sure to try and bribe an answer out of them.

Would you like to see Transistor on a PlayStation system? Let us know in the comments below.