PS Plus May 2023 Free Games: Which Are Worth Playing?

Which PS Plus May 2023 Free Games Are Worth Playing?

The PS Plus May 2023 free games for Essential subscribers are three vastly different titles and mainly not in ubiquitously known franchises. Even though it’s always worth it to redeem PlayStation Plus games, it might be hard to tell which one is worth diving into and what ones are worth avoiding. Here’s a summary of what players can expect for Grid Legends, Chivalry II, and Descenders.

Is Grid Legends worth redeeming?

Grid Legends is the biggest of the PS Plus May 2023 free games since it is part of the long-running racing series. Codemasters has once again made solid racing fundamentals that give players an arcadey experience that also contains sim-like elements; Legends is not Gran Turismo, nor is it Mario Kart.

While mainly an iterative sequel that pulls a lot from 2019’s Grid, Legends differentiates itself with its story-based campaign. It stars Sex Education’s Ncuti Gatwa and uses live-action cutscenes in a way reminiscent of Netflix’s hit show Formula 1: Drive to Survive. However, this campaign wasn’t the highlight for many, as it was widely derided for being rote and too static since it didn’t take the player’s performance into consideration. 

Its inability to rise above its competition or previous entries seem to have kept it from the podium, but it’s still mostly regarded as a decent racer from an acclaimed developer. It even has four expansions for players to check out, the most recent of which launched in December 2022.

What is Descenders?

Descenders also features wheels, but that’s about all it has in common with Grid Legends. This small title from developer RageSquid is a roguelike mix of Skate, Spelunky, and FTL where players, fittingly, descend a large hill or mountain. It’s a simple premise, but the terrain is procedurally generated and gives players the freedom to descend however they want. There are suggested tracks, but players can go off-roading if they want to roll the dice.

It’s a unique combination, and Descenders gained notoriety not only for its tight controls that make for a sturdy foundation but also because of how it dials up the sense of speed. Players can go ludicrously fast and careen down hills with enough momentum to seemingly launch into space. It doesn’t force the player to go as fast as they can, either, but it’s often cited as one of the game’s better qualities.

Descenders also received frequent updates since its launch in 2019. These patches have brought in new bike parts, tricks, customization items, beards, maps, and rewards, just to name a few. It even has a sequel in the works, but not much is known about it at this time.

Is Chivalry 2 worth playing with friends?

Chivalry II stands out the most among the PS Plus May 2023 free games, as it is a multiplayer melee game set in medieval times. It’s a well-regarded title that balances deep melee combat with bloody slapstick comedy, something the developers describe as a “bar fight more than a fencing match.” Although players will be fencing and stabbing quite a lot, as there are chaotic 64-player battles that require that players pay attention in order to get ahead. This can make it a little tough to just jump into, though, since just mindlessly hacking away won’t often lead to victory. There are multiple different ways to attack and defend, which gives it more complexity.

While it can somewhat be likened to Mordhau and loosely to For Honor, it’s still quite a unique experience because of its melee foundation, which means it sticks out when compared to other multiplayer titles where firearms are the primary tool of destruction. And given its comedic undertones, it’s built to be played with friends (and even supports full cross-platform play).

Torn Banner Studios has also been updating the game a few times since its launch in 2021, as it has gotten new customization options, maps, and weapons through numerous patches. The Raiding Party update also just dropped to coincide with its release on PlayStation Plus and contains a beta version of cross-platform parties, another map, a battle pass, and more.

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