Capcom’s 2 New Titles at PAX East are Both Digital, Capcom vs. SNK2 Expected on US PSN in April, Maximo Series is “Resting”

When PAX East begins in just a couple of days on March 22nd, Capcom will have “two NEW product announcements” during their World of Capcom panel at 12PM EST, but they offered no information past that small teaser.

Thanks to some posting done by Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer and Senior Vice-President at Capcom, on the site’s forums, he narrowed it down and said, “They are both digital… and I’m going to stay mum on the platforms. You’ll see. :)”

After finding that tidbit, we did some more digging and found a few more pieces of interesting information that Sven loosed. One of them involved whether we’d see a trophy patch for “Street Fight II HD, Puzzle Fighter or Megaman 9?”

Sorry mate, that’s highly unlikely at this juncture.

In keeping with the ‘sorry’ news, someone asked if there’s any plans to “touch” the Demon’s Crest IP, to which Sven said, “Unfortunately it is still resting and that’s likely to be the case for a good while. Sorry.” Then, a person wondered if Maximo 3 might happen, with another commenter saying that it’s a “resting IP and probably no plans for it at the moment,” which Sven confirming by noting “yep sorry, but this is correct.”

Getting back to more recent titles, even though we found an ESRB listing for it, Sven said that the Capcom Arcade Cabinet “isn’t planned for Vita,” but that “anything on PSP should work on Vita and as others have pointed out, the Capcom Classics in question are already available on PSN. You should be able to just grab them.” Once he checked his Vita and saw they weren’t on the system’s PS Store, he added, “I’ll ask our digital sales guy about this.”

Finally, the question shifted to when we might see the PS2 game, Capcom vs. SNK2, reach the North American PSN:

Current schedule for the release of the PS2 game is the end of April… mind you, if Sony chooses, that could move (it is later than I had originally anticipated already).

What do you think the two digital titles at PAX East will be? Are you upset to hear that Maximo is resting? Let us know in the comments below.

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