Primal Carnage: Genesis – Episode 1 is “Aiming to be a Launch Title” for PS4, “Each Episode Might be 1 to 2 Hours of Gameplay”

Lukewarm Media, the team behind the newly announced Primal Carnage: Genesis for PlayStation 4, were interviewed on the latest PS Blogcast, letting loose quite a few details about the upcoming episodic title.

First, and most importantly, they said that Primal Carnage: Genesis – Episode 1 is “definitely aiming to be a launch title” and that it’s “pretty ambitious for an indie developer,” especially when they just received their dev kits. No hard details about just what day that launch might be were discussed, just that they “have 9 months left,” but they did note that “each episode might be 1 to 2 hours of gameplay.”

Comparing the first episode to the second episode, it was said that the first one might be “slightly more linear” than the follow-up, due to you arriving on the island and meeting people, but with the second episode, “things start to hit the fan…dinosaurs are loose” and new game elements may be introduced.

Taking place 20 or 30 years before Primal Carnage, Genesis allows you to see the events preceding the outbreak on the island, with Lukewarm saying that they “plan on using as much dinosaurs” as they possibly can, and are hoping to have a herd system.

They then continued by detailing that Primal Carnage: Genesis utilizes the Unreal Engine 4, which makes the game easier to port to the PS4, has them doubling the “poly counts,” including real-time reflections, and that the shading model is physically based. PC:G also uses Enlighten, a dynamic lighting system that can be found in Battlefield 3.

To show that they are confident in their ability, Lukewarm stated that their main goal is to “make the absolute best single player dinosaur game that the world has been waiting for” and that they “don’t want to make a run and gun style of shooter…like Turok,” with inspiration coming from games like Far Cry 3 and Amnesia.

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