Primal Carnage: Genesis and Blacklight: Retribution Announced for PS4, First Details

At the ongoing PlayStation Indie Arcade at GDC, Sony has announced two new PlayStation 4 games – Primal Carnage: Genesis and Blacklight: Retribution.

Primal Carnage: Genesis is a story driven, episodic single player adventure that takes place in a world where dinosaurs have been brought back to life. Lukewarm Media aims to resurrect the immersive dinosaur first person experience that people have been waiting for. Explore a mix of tropical and man-made environments that are teeming with prehistoric life, experience the fear of being hunted by long forgotten beasts and join in the survival of the fittest.

Primal Carnage: Genesis is currently under development using Unreal Engine 4, the latest technology from Epic Games. The world of Primal Carnage could not be fully realized without Unreal Engine 4. The game is currently slated for release on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Dinosaurs are back.

Blacklight: Retribution is set to be the first Sony Pub fund game on the PS4, showing that the developer-friendly publishing program will continue on the next gen platform. Sony described the game as something that will “bring a new experience to the PS4 system with a further evolution of the futuristic free-to-play first-person shooter.”

Adam Boyes, vice president, publisher and developer relations at SCEA, said:

We’ve got an incredible team on the ground that talks to developers every day, and these new games we’re announcing are a direct result of the team’s proactive outreach and focus on working with top independent developers. Our process and approach in working with developers has evolved to incorporate a lot of flexibility into the process, including the way we pursue and discover new talent, help them with funding solutions and work together to deliver their best games onto PlayStation platforms.

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