Invizimals: The Alliance on PS Vita and Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom on PS3 Coming Soon

If you thought the Invizimals franchise was done, we have some surprising news for you – Invizimals: The Alliance on PlayStation Vita and Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom on PlayStation 3 are “coming soon.”

Novarama Technology (the PSP Invizimals games) is behind the The Alliance on PS Vita, and it is described as “an all-new augmented reality adventure where hunters worldwide will, for the first time, unleash the power of PS Vita and use it to hunt, battle and collect like never before.”

As for The Lost Kingdom on PS3, Magenta Software is handling that one, with this Invizimals being an action adventure title. Although Mitsuo Hirakawa, Producer at XDev Studios Europe, said that “if you enjoy Ratchet or Jak & Daxter, you’ll definitely enjoy Invizimals on PS3,” it looks to play more like a Skylanders game than anything:

What received some attention in that trailer was how the Cross Play feature works between the two versions, which gives you the chance to have four player battles across PS3 and PS Vita, or you can send and receive bonus game items through co-op play.

There were also a few more pieces of info given about the Invizimals titles:

  • The Alliance has 20 brand new capture mechanics
  • The Alliance has a battle system where you can fight with up to four creatures (either solo, with other people on PS Vita, or through Cross Play)
  • The Alliance’s story will have all the heroes back on a quest to save the Invizimals from a “larger than ever menace” and they need the full Alliance of Invizimals Hunters to step them.
  • The Lost Kingdom will be available on the PSN as well
  • They don’t know if there will be a beta
  • A PS Eye or PS Move isn’t required to play The Lost Kingdom

Finally, here’s an interesting quote from Dani Sanchez-Crespo, Creative Director/CEO at Novarama Technology about the future of the franchise:

Whenever we do something it’s always as part of a “master plan” so no, we’re not thinking PS3 is a one-off. And given the massive installed base of PS3, we felt it was the perfect moment to do this. Besides, the invizimals universe is so rich, it really is the perfect fit for a large screen as you say.

Since these games have only been announced for Europe so far, we’ve reached out to Sony to see if they’re coming to North America and we’ll let you know if we hear anything.

Do you think you’ll get one of these Invizimals titles? Let us know in the comments below.