PlayStation Vita System Update Version 2.10 Fully Detailed

Made available last night, system update version 2.10 came to the PlayStation Vita. We previously told you about quite a few of the changes associated with this, but today, Sony loosed all the details:

Home Screen

  • You can now manage icons on the home screen in folders.
  • An icon now appears on the info bar when a PS Vita card is inserted.


  • You can now watch streaming videos on a web page – To watch streaming videos, a memory card must be inserted in your PS Vita system (some types of videos cannot be played).


  • Email messages in HTML format can now be displayed – You can enlarge and read email messages that are in HTML format. When reading the message, double tap the screen to zoom in. The area around the spot you double tap is enlarged. Double tap the screen again to zoom out and return the message to its original size. You can also zoom in by pinching the screen out and zoom out by pinching the screen in.
  • Up to five email addresses can now be added to a single contact – Tap (Contact List) > (Options) and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • [Body] has been added as a search target for email messages.
  • When you tap [Other] to add an email account, the information you add has been simplified.
  • Folder assignments of email accounts support IMAP have been improved.
  • All contacts can now be deleted at once. You can delete the contact list after tapping (Options) > [Settings] > [Format Application Database] to delete the account.


  • [Mute Automatically] has been added under [Sound & Display] as an option – When this setting is turned on and headphones are disconnected from the headset jack, audio from the PS Vita system’s speakers is automatically muted. To restore the original volume, press the VOL + button or the VOL – button. When listening to music under (Music), tap (Play).
  • The number of applications you can control using the buttons on the PS Vita system has been increased.
  • [Use Wi-Fi in Power Save Mode] has been added under [Power Save Settings] as an option.
  • [Disconnect Wi-Fi Connection Automatically] under [Network] > [Wi-Fi Settings] has been removed.

PlayStation Network

  • Update files for your purchased PlayStation Mobile format software can now be automatically downloaded. To use this feature, a subscription to PlayStation Plus is necessary. Tap the (Settings) > [Start] > [PlayStation Network] > [Automatic Update Settings] > [Update Automatically] checkbox to set a checkmark (a connection to the Internet using a Wi-Fi connection might be required to automatically update).

PlayStation Store

  • When reporting content purchased from PlayStation Mobile as inappropriate, details can now be included.

Group Messaging

  • Multiple contacts can now be selected at once when a new message is created. Contacts can be selected from [Friends] and [Party].


  • Still images can now be displayed in high resolution when enlarged.

Content Manager

  • You can now upload or download saved data for games to (Online Storage) using a mobile network. To use this feature, a subscription to PlayStation Plus is necessary.
  • When you copy PS Vita format software from a PS3 system, you can now check whether update data is available and automatically download it (the system software of the PS3 system must be version 4.40 or later).
  • You can now add a name to PS Vita system backup data when saving it to a PS3 system or a computer (Windows/Mac) – The system software of the PS3 system must be version 4.40 or later (the Content Manager Assistant for PlayStation on your computer must be updated.

What do you think about 2.10 so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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