Draw Slasher for Vita Draws Up a New Trailer

The Vita is finally starting to pick up a little bit in terms of game releases, but one of the things it is still lacking are games that are almost entirely touch driven. In steps Mass Creation and their upcoming Vita game Draw Slasher, which looks to make full use of the Vita’s beautiful 5 inch display.

Draw Slasher is a story about a ninja Hanzo, who, while short, sets out on a mission to find and free his family, who have been taken hostage by wild Pirate Monkey Zombies. Yes, you read that right, it is a killer combination that would make most run in fear. To free his family, Hanzo will need the help of your quick fingers, drawing lines on the screen to jump, dash, dodge, and slash.

To show us exactly how much exercise those pointer fingers will be in for, Mass Creation has released a new trailer for the game:

Draw Slasher is set for release on the PS Vita on April 23rd in North America and the 24th in Europe. Are you tempted to give this a shot after checking out the video? Let us know in the comments below.