Daily Reaction Spotlight: Tech, Toys and Trinkets #1

 Wheel Stand Pro


Seb: This may look like home gym equipment, but the Wheel Stand Pro is actually a nice and simple, no frills stand for you to do wheelies off of.

Dan: Having used a gaming wheel for a number of years, I can say that finding a proper stand does make all the difference, but, given the price point, make sure you can justify the price before putting it next to that dusty piece of gym equipment.

Logitech G27


Dan: The king of all the gaming wheels, the G27 is the successor to the wildly popular G25, a set that gives you feedback on almost every level.

Seb: Yeah, it’s a great wheel, although I’m perfectly happy with the cheaper Driving Force GT, which also has built in GT5 functionality. If you want the best all-rounder, however, this is as good as you can get.

Sackboy helmet


Seb: The functionality of this Sackboy helmet thingy is so diverse: You can scare children into thinking you’re being eaten, you can use it in lieu of a bike helmet and be scarred so badly you’ll have to close the mouth, or you can use it to keep your neck sweaty.

Dan: While it may not seem useful, you can always use it to finally pull off those risque outfits you have been hiding in the closet.

 PS Clock


Dan: From the look of the clocks it would be hard to tell that these are official, but yes they are.

Seb: If you want to be able to time PSN outages precisely, the PS Clock is where you should be looking. Stock is limited, so be fast, the clock is ticking.

Shadow of the Colossus Pendant


Seb: See now this is actually purty. You could easily give it to a non-gamer boy or girlfriend, or wear it yourself to just look fabulous.

Dan: Well, I doubt many guys will be rocking this around the town, a few of our female readers might like this or find something they like through the link.

MGS Rex Assemble Kit


Dan: This, I want this! What do you mean I have to build it? 600 pieces? Nevermind.

Seb: Yeah, you had me until you said it requires building. Isn’t that what Chinese children are for?

Portal Gun


Seb: Pre-made! It glows and can freak out old people, although it sadly doesn’t create actual portals, no matter how many small creatures you sacrifice.

Dan: This would be cool, but I can only imagine the horrors that will occur in the hands of a few of our more imaginative readers.

Pokémon bra


Dan: Note to our readers: These are actually from Seb’s private collection called ‘I Caught Them All’.

Seb: If people want the original pair, email me.

Uncharted – Nathan Drake Ring


Seb: Everybody wants the rugged good looks of Nathan Drake. That’s not possible. But you can draw people’s attention away from your ugly mug by wearing this ring around your neck.

Dan: While still being a bit of jewelry, it looks beat up enough to give people who have no idea what it is the impression you actually go outside, while impressing your fellow nerds.

Cookie Cutter


Dan: While probably a pain in the butt to eat the results, this controller-shaped cookie cutter is perfect for any gaming party as well as a great way to let people know which cookies are yours.

Seb: As if people turn up to your parties.

*Note: We were not paid to link to or mention any of these products.

What do you think of any of these random bits of TTT found throughout the web? Do you own any of them? Are you planning on picking anything up? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us at Seb and Dan. Also, if you come across anything you would like to be featured on an upcoming Tech, Toys and Trinkets email us at [email protected].