Sony Reports $458 Million Net Income, PlayStation Sales Down 12.2% to $7.522 Billion

As promised, Sony has announced their financials for the fiscal year (which ended on March 31st, 2013), where they posted a net income of ¥43 billion ($458 million), which is considerably better than the $456.7 million they lost in the previous year. As for the operating profit, that was ¥230.1 billion ($2.448 billion).

Getting to the PlayStation numbers, that section was met with a 12.2% percent drop compared to last year in sales, earning ¥707.1 billion ($7.522 billion). Sony attributes this to the decrease in unit sales for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita hardware, as well as the PlayStation Portable hardware and software

The operating income for PlayStation was then down 94.1% to ¥1.7 billion ($18 million). They note the reasons for this as the decrease in sales for the PSP’s hardware and software, along with “the impact of a strategic price reduction for the PS Vita” in Japan.

As for sales figures on the various hardware and software, Sony reports that 16.5 million PS3 and PS2 systems were sold during the fiscal year, with the PS Vita and PSP at 7 million. Software for the PS3 and PS2 totaled 153.9 million, with the PS Vita and PSP at 28.8 million.

Looking ahead to this fiscal year (ending March 31st, 2014), Sony is estimating that they’ll sell 10 million PS3s and 5 million handhelds, but they didn’t mention anything to do with the PS4. Also, not including the PS4, Sony predicts they’ll sell 319 million pieces of software, retail and digital.

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