Watch Dogs Developers on PS4 Are “Able to Push Further” Every Aspect of the Game, DualShock 4 Touchpad Discussed

Lately, Watch Dogs has been getting quite a bit of attention, thanks in part to a now revealed November release date on PS3, as well as the developer diary about how the team behind the game is planning on taking advantage of the PlayStation 4.

In an interview on the PS Blogcast, Dominic Guay, Senior Producer on Watch Dogs, went into even further detail about the PS4 and how it will change Watch Dogs:

So, at the core we want to keep the same experience on every platform. But when you have all those resources on the PlayStation 4, you want to make good use of it. So, what we’re doing is we’re taking our direction and we’re pushing it further. So, for example, we’re talking about how you can go in interiors, well we’re able to put even more details in those interiors on the PlayStation 4. So, in every aspect of the game, we’re able to push further and I think that’s a great thing.

Moving past the PS4’s technical prowess, Dominic went on to talk a little bit about their thoughts on the DualShock 4:

Today we played the game on a PlayStation 4 controller, it’s also a very tight controller, and we really were happy with what we saw, it’s relatively new still for the team, but it’s a great controller. And we’re also making use of the touchpad [on the DualShock 4] which we think is a great addition because we have, well, Aiden spends his time using his smart phone so he has a direct reflection of those inputs on his controller.

Finally, touching base on the multiplayer aspect of Watch Dogs that can allow you to play the game on your mobile device anywhere, he said that “you can also have players who are in their single player, crossing paths with players who are in multiplayer and living specific experiences from that meet. And all of that without any block, without any loading, without any lobbies.”

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