Panopticon Trailer Goes Live: What is it? And is it for PS3, Vita or PS4?

Just days ago, the official PlayStation Japan website started teasing a new game with a count-up clock, with the timer set to expire just moments ago. A trailer has appeared in the counter’s place, with another new date placed above it when presumably, we’ll find out more details about what exactly Panopticon is.

What we do know, for now, is that it appears to be a futuristic JRPG or action-RPG from Sony’s Japan Studio. It features an art style similar to that found in the PlayStation Vita’s Gravity Rush. It doesn’t appear to be next gen, with the graphics not matching those of other PS4 titles (although it could be a PS4 PSN title), meaning that the PS3 and PlayStation Vita are more likely options for what platform this might be released for.

The date for more information is May 21st. Stay locked on PSLS and we’ll have more information the moment in comes in.