Teaser Site for New Sony Game ‘Panopticon’ Goes Live

It’s that special time of the year—just before E3—when teasers pop up left and right about new game announcements. Sony’s already been teasing more Gran Turismo, but now a countdown Ustream video has appeared on PlayStation Japan’s official website. [Update] Looks like Sony has opted to remove the embedding option, but we’ll leave the embed live below should that change. To see the teaser, go here.

Live video by UstreamThe countdown, for something called Panopticon, which means “seeing everything” in Greek, appears to actually be counting up to one million years. That counter, that features some sort of bar code, will hit one million years next week. At that time, a new game could be announced, or, as we’ve seen before, there could be more teasing that eventually leads up to E3.

We don’t really know anything at this point, but we’ll keep watching.