Here’s Five Seconds of Not Really Call of Duty: Ghosts Footage That Looks Boring, But is News, We Guess

Call of Duty is the biggest thing in games since the pushable button was invented, so I guess teasers to hype up the latest game, Ghosts, is to be expected, but this just takes the biscuit. In an effort to be cool and down with the kids by using the latest social fad craze, Activision has copied what EA did with Battlefield 4 and released a mini-vid on Vine.

You can see that vid here, but don’t expect much, it’s mostly videos of frameworks, loud noises and even some worrying frame juddering that you think they’d have left out. Then we get to (re)find out that more is going to be announced on the 21st at the next Xbox reveal, most likely including timed exclusive DLC deals or, if we’re really lucky, fully exclusive DLC and Kinect 2 support.


Plus, we should also get a look at the next Call of Duty engine that’s going to be used in the next seven CoD games. Oh joy, I just can’t wait.

Can you?