Bad Gamers: Ep 32 – Xbox Infinity Rumor Rebellion

Light your torches, and grab the pitchforks, your favorite two Bad Gamers, Seb and Dan from Daily Reaction fame, are jumping ship. This week we announce our change to Xbox LifeStyle in hopes that tomorrow’s announcement of the Infinity doesn’t suck, we talk about rumors and what we are expecting from our new overlords. And, as always, we cover a week full of news and announcements that include Gran Turismo 6, the PS4, and what’s up with the PlayStation Vita. It’s a biggie.

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What are your expectations for the Xbox Infinity? Isn’t my logo awesome? Will you get Microsoft’s next console? How about The Last of Us – digital? Retail? Let us know in the comments below, email us at [email protected] or join the usurpers at Seb and Dan.