FIFA Confirmed for Next-Gen, EA Sports UFC and Battlefield 4 Get Heavy Next-Gen Hints

In case you haven’t heard, tomorrow is the big reveal for Microsoft’s next generation console, where we’ll finally see what is going to combat the PS4. WhileSony showed off a bunch of different exclusives for the PlayStation 4 during their big unveiling back in February, Microsoft’s (currently) headlining title is Call of Duty: Ghosts, something that is going to appear on PS3 and PS4 anyway.

Not content to let Activision have all the attention on the next Xbox, it looks like EA is going to have a big presence at the event tomorrow, where they already confirmed that FIFA is going next-gen. Looking at other EA franchises, the EA Sports UFC Facebook page posted this picture, promoting the first news coming tomorrow and hinting at a next-gen reveal:


And if that wasn’t enough, the Battlefield Facebook page teased that “big announcements are coming soon.” While this is a little less specific date-wise than the UFC one, a next-gen release would definitely be “big” and confirm original reports. Considering the new Frostbite engine is made for next-gen and BF is the engine’s flagship, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Provided all three of these EA games do get their next-gen debut tomorrow at the Xbox event, don’t be surprised to hear about some sort of DLC exclusivity.

If there’s any sort of news that directly affects PlayStation revealed tomorrow at the unveiling, we’ll be sure to let you know. Expect third party reveals, exclusivity deals and possibly even a price.