Sony Trolls Next Xbox Reveal With “Beyond The Box” PS4 Ads on Xbox Google Searches

‘Console wars’ are a part of the industry, but with the PS4 and the next Xbox (Xbox Infinity, 720, LoveMachine) releasing in the same holiday season, the fight is set to be bloodier than ever. That’s why, on the eve of the next Xbox’s reveal, Sony is keen to steal as much thunder as they can.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen Sony reps start hyping up the PS4, announced a huge PS3 game, teased another game (with more details shown tomorrow), announced a medium sized PS4 game, and taken over a whole issue of GameInformer. Then, earlier today, just as Microsoft started to get people excited for their event which will show the new Xbox console itself, Sony preemptively struck with a video teasing the PS4’s design. The timing is far from a coincidence.

Much like how Sony took a swing at both Nintendo and Microsoft ahead of the PlayStation Meeting (where the PS4 was announced) in ads, they’re now focusing their advertising efforts on the Xbox Event. If you Google terms like “Xbox”, “Next Xbox”, “Xbox Infinity” or “Xbox Event”, you might see an ad like this up top (not everyone will get it as it depends on the scale of the campaign):


And others along the lines of:

The highly anticipated PS4® pushes the boundaries of play. Read more!‎

We didn’t just build a box we built the most amazing place to play.

Sony’s “we didn’t just build a box” line (which they’ve used before) and the “push the boundaries of play beyond the box” caption are clearly little jabs at Microsoft’s Xbox. But what are your views on this type of marketing technique? Is it funny? Childish? Smart? Or are you just glad Sony is advertising? Sound off in the comments below, but first: