Amazon France Lists Multiple New PS Vita Bundles for Killzone: Mercenary, MotoGP 2013, More

We don’t quite know what happened at Amazon France to warrant all this, but the retailer went absolutely nuts with listings, pricing the PS4 console and PS4 games, while also listing new PS Vita bundles.

Sitting at €599.99, the Amazon France listing for the PS4 says that it is “provisional pricing” (placeholder), but since they emphasize their lowest price guarantee, it means that they don’t expect it to eclipse €599.99. While this is clearly an unlikely high number for the PS4’s final cost, expected in Europe this year, it does give us a ceiling as to what the PS4 price won’t pass.

This same pre-order price guarantee extends to the PS4 games themselves (there’s already a listing for Final Fantasy), with Amazon France giving them all €69.99 price tags, €10 higher than PS3 games. So based on this, Amazon doesn’t believe that PS4 games will be more than €69.99.

Moving away from vague prices and onto possibly leaked PlayStation Vita bundles, Amazon France lists the following, all for €249.99:

  • PlayStation Vita with Kids Pack Voucher and 8GB Memory Card – June 7th
  • PlayStation Vita with Jak & Daxter Collection (Voucher) and 8GB Memory Card – June 19th
  • PlayStation Vita with Moto GP (Voucher) and 4GB Memory Card – June 21st
  • PlayStation Vita with Killzone: Mercenary (Voucher) and 8GB Memory Card – September 4th

With Killzone: Mercenary being such a high profile title, a PS Vita bundle has a high chance of happening, but the other three aren’t as likely, so we’ll just have to wait and see if they are true.

Since all of this information is based off retailer listings, it could be false, but with E3 just around the corner, we should get confirmation about the legitimacy of these products soon.

How many of these Amazon France listings do you think are real? Let us know in the comments below.