The Last of Us PlayStation Store Pre-Order up Now, Game Costs $59.99 Digitally (Update: Pre-order DLC Free, Season Pass Available)

Update: Thanks to the Online Store (Canadian link) updating ahead of time, we can tell you that the pre-order digital version of The Last of Us includes the full game, a PSN pre-order theme, and the Sights & Sounds DLC pack for $59.99.

The Season Pass is also on the store for purchase now, re-affirming that it includes 3 DLC packs and upgrades for $19.99.

Original Story: Confirmation about The Last of Us being a Day 1 Digital title came to light earlier this month, and thanks to a new ad that has appeared on the PlayStation Store, we can doubly confirm that this is true.

While it may not have shown up on the Sony Online Store yet or in an official PSN pre-order section of the PlayStation Store, there is a big ad right as soon as you go into the PS Store that displays The Last of Us “Full Game,” saying to “Pre-Order Now!” and that it will cost $59.99 (no discount, unfortunately). Clicking on the ad at the moment currently yields a “this content cannot be selected at this time,” so you’ll probably have to wait until the PS Store is fully updated to be able to pre-order it ahead of the June 14th release date.

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We couldn’t find a listing for The Last of Us‘s Season Pass on the PSN, but be sure to check out our PlayStation Store Global Update later today to see if it makes an appearance.

Are you going to pre-order The Last of Us on the PSN? Let us know in the comments below.

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