Crysis 3 Getting The Lost Island DLC Starting on June 4th, Adds 4 New Maps

The “major announcement” for Crysis 3 that was teased yesterday has turned out to be The Lost Island DLC, something you’ll see starting on June 4th for $14.99.

The Lost Island’s story sees Rebel forces going to a small island in the Philippines 200 miles from Ling Shan to destroy an unknown extraterrestrial entity before an elite CELL team has the chance to obtain it. As far as new content goes, you can expect four brand new maps, new weapons, and two new multiplayer modes – Frenzy and Possession.

Speaking about the DLC was Cevat Yerli, CEO of Crytek:

The gameplay in the Crysis series has always been deeply connected to the unique environments in which the action takes place. By transporting players out of the Liberty Dome and into the Lost Island setting, we’re not only returning to Crysis’ spiritual roots, but also introducing fresh ways to play that provide Crysis 3 fans with genuinely game-changing new tactical options, game modes and weapons.

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