Guerrilla Games Hopes to “Positively Surprise You” With PS4 Launch Title Killzone: Shadow Fall’s Story

Fresh off appearing in the new Conversations With Creators video, Steven ter Heide, Game Director on Killzone: Shadow Fall, answered a bunch of different fan questions.

Starting with the PS4 controller itself, Steven wasn’t able to go into full detail about how they’ll utilize it, but he did mention that Guerrilla Games has “some interesting ideas and features tied to it” and the DualShock 4 “just feels great!” A couple of those ideas include using the TouchPad in some form, radio messages will play through the speaker, and, as previously announced, the Lightbar will indicate player health, something Steven said is “quite subtle.” Lastly, ter Heide is “very happy with the triggers” as they make a big difference with aiming and shooting.

After stating that Shadow Fall would have a cast of new characters, a new conflict, and the name symbolizes a fresh start for the franchise, Steven talked a little bit about what they’re aiming for with the story:

We hope to positively surprise you. Our story is more based on a tense conflict that can spiral out of control. It is about figuring out who you can trust, and how to best prevent the destruction of your home. In Holland we have the air raid sirens that are being tested every first of the month, which in the days of the cold war made a big impression on me. it created a real tension that would be great to get into a game.

A few more miscellaneous topics were covered as well, which we’ve placed in easy-to-read bullet point form:

  • Someone mentioned Mark Cerny’s visit to Guerrilla Games in 2010, asking if it was then that the opportunity to be a PS4 launch title came up. Steven replied by saying “the idea certainly started to sing around the Guerrilla offices at the time,” but the studio actually decided later because they “wanted to make sure it was the right thing to do for us.”
  • Guerrilla hasn’t finalized the Remote Play control scheme for PlayStation Vita yet, with Steven saying that the trigger on the Vita are great and they’ll “have to see how to make best use of them.”
  • There’s no details yet for a Special Edition, but “it’s always great to have Special Editions.”
  • When the question of Inputlag came up, Steven was coy and just said “Inputlag as a setting? Interesting ;)”
  • Anything that looks climbable will be.
  • Steven thinks that Shadow Fall will have its own feel in comparison to Killzone 2 and Killzone 3, while also “leaning towards more thoughtful play.”
  • Campaign length is difficult to say right now because there’s still so much GG needs to do, though they’re “aiming for a solid campaign with lots of variety and good replay value.”

What is your stance on Killzone: Shadow Fall right now? Are you going to buy it come launch day? Let us know in the comments below.