Killzone Shadow Fall Director Leaves Guerrilla Games

Killzone Shadow Fall director Steven ter Heide is no longer a part of Guerrilla Games. The talented director announced his departure from the Amsterdam-based studio on his official Twitter account. His exit comes 12 years after ter Heide joined the studio, where he played a pivotal role on the Killzone series. His most recently shipped game as part of the studio was the PlayStation 4 launch title Killzone Shadow Fall, which he served as director.

Check out his tweet below:

In case any of our readers can’t view his tweet, or just don’t want to read off an image, we’ve written his full statement down below:

“After 12 years I have left @guerrilla to start something new. Being part of a studio that has achieved amazing things with Killzone, Rigs and Horizon has been fantastic. I have been extremely lucky to have worked with so many talented and great people and have so many memories. Starting up something new is going to be a big adventure that I am excited about.”

The departure is on good terms, as Guerrilla co-founder and managing director Hermen Hulst tweeted out in support of his long-time coworker. “Thank you [Steven] for your huge contribution to Guerrilla over the years,” wrote Hulst. He ended his message by saying, “Best of luck on behalf of all of us. See you soon!”

We’ll keep you updated on ter Heide’s next moves, as we’re just as excited to see what is next for the talented developer.

(Source: Steven ter Heide)