Blacklight: Retribution Developer Thinks the Game on PS4 Will be the “Be-All End-All Version”

Announced at the same time as Primal Carnage: Genesis, Blacklight: Retribution on PS4 is a free-to-play first person shooter set to be the first Sony Pub fund game to make its way onto their next generation console.

To get some more details about how the title, Edge caught up with Jared Gerritzen, Creative Director at Developer Zombie Studios, where he revealed that the studio had been “talking to Sony off and on since E3 of last year. As the system matured, Sony made it clear that they were looking for content, and we just happened to secure the console rights to Blacklight: Retribution. After discussing it further, our goals were perfectly in line with their goals and it just happened to be right place and right time on both parties.”

On the technical side, Jared said that Sony has “streamlined the submission process significantly, so getting to the point of working on a game is much quicker and easier.” In addition to this, he said getting support, such as development kits or technical help, has been great, and “it’s clear that Sony went back and listened to where developers were having problems and are actively trying to resolve those issues and help developers.”

After detailing that Zombie Studios will be taking advantage of the new rendering pipeline on PS4, as well as updating the interface to work better on a TV and using a controller, Gerritzen revealed they’ve “experimented with things like quick grenades and other commands” on the DualShock 4’s touchpad. Nothing has been finalized at the moment, but he says the touchpad “opens up tons of possibilities.” He also praised the fact that the PS4 is more like a PC than any past Sony console, which gives them “the ability to have power at our fingertips.”

With Zombie Studios now owning the console right to Blacklight: Retribution, after negotiating them from publisher Perfect World, Jared hyped the game by saying, “I feel that the PS4 version of Blacklight: Retribution will be the be-all end-all version, and what we set out to make a number of years ago.”

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