Bloober Team and iFun4all Working on 7 New PlayStation Games, Including PS4 Exclusive Basement Crawl

Bloober Team, a development studio out of Poland has just announced a new title called Basement Crawl, which will be a PS4 exclusive digital title set for release within the console’s launch window. Not much is known about this title, except for first bit of concept art released today, so make sure to stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle as more details of this project will be shown at E3 2013.

In an email from Piotr Babieno, the CEO of Bloober Team, he told PSLS:

…Bloober Team and iFun4all are working on 7 SKU’s for PlayStation platforms! So we are really big supporter for Sony 🙂

I can’ tell you much – but – Basement Crawl is going to be an exclusive for PS4. And it will be digital because we would like to stay independent with this game 🙂

As Bloober Team has already had experience with A-Men, a PS Vita title that has only seen release in Europe/Japan, and iFun4all have seen releases on the PSP in the past, it is likely we will see a slew of smaller PSN and Vita titles down the road.


What do you think Basement Crawl will be about? Will you be picking up any digital titles up when you get your PS4? Do clowns on unicycles scare you too? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to follow PSLS for all of your PlayStation needs.