The Catch-Up: June 4th, 2013 – Tales Franchise Not Planned for PS4/Xbox One Right Now, The Last of Us Live Action Trailer, Fieldrunners 2 Coming to PS Vita

Our very own Anthony Severino reminded the world that starting at 7AM PST tomorrow morning, his review for The Last of Us will go live, and you’ll be able to see if Naughty Dog’s latest is going to be an early contender for the 2013 Game of the Year.

General News

  • Fieldrunners 2, currently available on mobile platforms, is heading to the PlayStation Vita this summer. It’s “in the final stages of development,” there will be trophies, there’s no plans for microtransactions, and further details are expected following E3. [Source]
  • Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Core Fighters, a free-to-play version of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, is releasing on the PSN September 3rd, with a bunch of different pieces set to be sold separately. [More Details]
  • Due to an issue with the latest patch, the Guacamelee! DLC slated for today has been delayed. You can head to the Drinkbox Studios website for a workaround on what you can do if your game is broken because of the new patch, otherwise, we’ll let you know when the Costume Pack becomes available.
  • According to a study by Research Strategy Group, Rocksmith is the fastest way to learn how to play guitar. While that can be debated, Ubisoft announced that Rocksmith has sold 1.4 million worldwide since October 2011, sold 3 million downloadable songs, and owners have played an estimtaed 112 billion notes. You can also expect “exciting Rocksmith news” at E3. [Press Release]
  • There will be a 30 minute broadcast for Call of Duty: Ghosts this Sunday, June 9th at 11AM PST/2PM EST on They’ll show off gameplay levels, behind the scenes footage, interviews, and more. [Press Release]
  • Pre-order Battlefield 4 at EB Games Canada or GameStop USA to receive the Air Vehicles Shortcut Kit (AVSK) DLC for Battlefield 3, which allows you to “take control of 38 upgrades for helicopters and jets.”
  • PES 2014 is releasing this year on PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and PSP, but it will be skipping everything else, even the PS4 and Xbox One. [Press Release]
  • Aubrey Norris of Deep Silver tweeted that there’s a “HUGE surprise coming tomorrow for @Saintsrow IV..can’t wait!!!!!” [Twitter]
  • Hideo Baba, Producer on the Tales Franchise, said that “I’m afraid I don’t have any plans to release for titles for the Xbox One or PS4, because my policy is to release Tales titles to the console which most of the fans want to play on.” So, don’t expect any next-gen Tales games for a few years. [Source]

New Videos

  • Here’s a live action trailer for The Last of Us:

  • Don’t forget to watch this Remember Me launch trailer:

  • And a launch trailer for Class of Heroes 2:

  • Flying Hamster HD heads to the North America PSN on June 11th

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