The Catch-Up: June 5th, 2013 – Final Fantasy Q&A at E3, Possible DC Universe Online PS4 Details

This Catch-Up is full of teases this time around for The Walking Dead, FIFA 14, and Just Dance 5, while also telling you some possible details for DC Universe Online on PS4.

General News

  • The tentative title for the HD remaster of Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World is Tales of Symphonia Chronicles. Expect this in early 2014 on PS3. [Press Release]
  • The Just Dance Twitter account teased that “something is coming soon.” Don’t be surprised if it turns out to be Just Dance 5 on pretty much every console known to man. [Twitter]
  • On June 11th, some brand new DLC for Soul Sacrifice in the form of eight new quests and two new boss characters – Dwarf and Ogre – will be released for free. [Source]
  • You can expect a FIFA 14 gameplay trailer tomorrow, June 6th. [Source]
  • Square Enix will be holding an event called The Future of Final Fantasy on Tuesday, June 11th from 9AM – 10AM PST. It will be a Q&A session for press with Shinji Hashimoto, Brand Director for Final Fantasy. If that new Final Fantasy on PS4 does get announced, expect nearly every question to revolve around it. [Source]

DC Universe Online on PS4 News From the Creative Director

  • The intention is to have PS3 and PS4 servers shared in their current regions. [Twitter]
  • The intention is to have PS3 accounts playable on PS4. [Twitter]
  • “Enhancements” will be made to the graphics seen on PS3 for the PS4 version. [Twitter]
  • They plan on using certain DualShock 4 features, but don’t have anything nailed down yet. [Twitter]

New Videos

  • NHL 14 shows off the Enforcer Engine:

  • It turns out that Deus Ex: The Fall is a mobile/tablet game, instead of being a console game like every person on the planet thought it would be:

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