DC Universe Online Coming to PlayStation 5 Later This Year, 10th Anniversary Celebrations Ongoing

Over the last ten years, DC Universe Online has appeared on numerous platforms. One of those it isn’t on yet, at least not natively, is the PlayStation 5. This is set to change as the game will receive a proper PS5 version later this year.

The new version of the game will include improvements to the graphics that make it “keep pace with modern hardware”. This will also include engine improvements. Very few details on both of these are available right now, but developer Dimensional Ink Games insists they have many options to explore to fulfil this promise.

Publisher Daybreak couldn’t let the tenth anniversary of the game pass without a bit of a celebration. Players who log in before January 31 will receive free gifts to the value of $50. These include a free character advance to CR290, a gear suit in the Restored Shim’Tar Regalia style, the Paradox Gazer combat pet, two celebratory fireworks trinkets, and two 10th anniversary emblems.

Those who are Members will also get a free Member Appreciation Gift Box. This includes the Anti Matter Neon Chroma Pack, Nth Metal to the value of 220,000 Artifact XP, one Artifact Cache, a set of Artifact Catalysts, an Nth Metal Detector, and four Seals of Preservation. Again, all Members have to do to claim their gift box is to log into the game before January 31. Members will also get a 20% discount on the marketplace until the celebration ends.

In terms of future content, Episode 40 is currently in development. This episode is inspired by Flashpoint, a comic book story arc that detailed an altered DC Universe. However, the episode focuses on the older, traditional style of content. This is a change from the last few episodes that instead aimed to have a newer and different content structure. There will also be improvements to introduce new players, and ease entry into the game for returning players. More information on all of these is promised later on in the year.

[Source: DC Universe Online]