Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut Confirmed for PlayStation 3 This Year, PlayStation Vita Second Screen Features Detailed

After Square Enix had said that the Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut would be a Wii U exclusive, it was announced at E3 that the Director’s Cut will head to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Mac later in the year.

Included in this expanded edition of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is Tong’s Rescue Mission and the entire Missing Link chapter (both integrated into the game), overhauled boss fights, refined game balance and combat, improved AI, over 8 hours of developer commentary, and enhanced graphics.

The PlayStation 3 version won’t miss out on the second screen experience either, as you can use a PlayStation Vita with the game, accessing the touchscreen to hack, edit maps, snipe, throw back explosives, smart vision plus, and inventory and augmentation management.

Stéphane D’Astous, General Manager of Eidos-Montréal, talked about how these ports came about:

After our Director’s Cut announcement we received an overwhelming response from the community asking us to bring this ultimate edition of Human Revolution to other platforms. We’re thrilled to accommodate that request. We can now say with pleasure, ‘You asked for this!’

If the pricing stays the same as the Wii U, expect this to cost $49.99 when it launches later in the year.

Also, don’t forget that the original Deus Ex: Human Revolution is free on PlayStation Plus in North America.

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