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“If You go With 4GB of GDDR5” RAM on PS4, “You Are Done,” Randy Pitchford Told Sony

Our very own Anthony Severino was able to be a part of a roundtable with Adam Boyes, VP of Publisher Relations at SCEA today, with a whole bunch of different topics being discussed, and one of them was all about the PS4 and its RAM.

For Adam personally, his “favorite moment was getting to announce to the whole developer community that we had double the RAM to 8GB of GDDR5,” because they did originally have 4GB of GDDR5 on the system.

Recounting the story of how they went from 4GB to 8GB, Adam was actually at Gearbox (Borderlands), with Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox, telling him, “If you go with 4GB of GDDR5, you are done.” Following that statement, Boyes says that the entire room of about 30 people added in that “you guys, you never listen, you’ve never been good at this stuff.”

After hearing this, Adam says he had a mini-breakdown, and it wasn’t until he reflected on this and asked himself the question, “Are we going to be the best console in every single category?” before things started moving, because “the answer used to be no.”

So, Adam went back to the developers about the possibility of doing 8GB of RAM, getting responses like “that would be incredible.” He then took all the feedback to Tokyo, got the thumbs up, and the rest is history.

Stay tuned to PSLS for more from Adam Boyes and all things E3 2013.


Randy Pitchford has confirmed the story, tweeting the PSLS link and saying “You know it was only because I love you guys @amboyes. Can we call them “Gearbytes”?”

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