Paid PlayStation Plus Subscription Required for PS4 Online Play

Sony has confirmed that you will need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play online with the PS4, a service that usually costs $49.99 a year.

PlayStation Plus is undeniably fantastic – it grants you access to a phenomenal amount of free games and discounts, and with the PS4 they’re going to have to be new games (and they are) – but it’s still the first time Sony has forced gamers to pay to play online. In comparison, Xbox Live costs $59.99 a year, with Microsoft planning to offer a few free games per month in response to PS+ (although the line-up doesn’t seem as large).

Entertainment services like Netflix will not require you to subscribe to Plus, however.

What are your thoughts on this move? Does it sour your opinion of an otherwise fantastic show, or are you already a PS+ member? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and go here for the full Sony E3 recap with all the news that happened.