PS4 Doesn’t Restrict Used Games, No DRM, PS+ Transfers Over to PS4 – DriveClub PS+ Edition Free at PS4 Launch

Getting easily the biggest ovation (possibly of E3’s entire history) during the Press Conference today, Jack Tretton confirmed that the PlayStation 4 won’t restrict used games in any way. Speaking about this, he said, “We believe in the model people embrace today with the PlayStation 3.”

Making things even better, Jack took a jab at Microsoft and the Xbox One when he announced that there won’t be any DRM of any kind on the PS4 (no online check-in either), meaning that you don’t even have to connect to the internet every 24 hours to play your games.

To top it all off, he confirmed that PlayStation Plus will carry over onto the PS4, and you’ll have free access to DriveClub PS+ Edition on PlayStation Plus day 1 with the PS4 launch. Then, you’ll get a new game for free each month, including Don’t Starve, Outlast, and The Secret Ponchos.

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