DriveClub 2 Isn’t Happening but Its Developer Is Working on a New Game

Paul Rustchynsky, the director of PlayStation-exclusive DriveClub and former MotorStorm developer, has said that he will announce his next game this year but has asked fans not to expect a DriveClub sequel or a MotorStorm successor. In fact, Rustchynsky isn’t working on a racing game for a change.

“In 2021 we (Avalanche Studios Group) opened a new studio in Liverpool, an exciting moment for me having achieved one of my career goals,” Rustchynsky tweeted. “To set some expectations, I’m not working on a racing game. So sorry, no DriveClub sequel, MotorStorm successor or OnRush offshoot. This is something very different to anything I’ve worked on before.”

In a separate tweet, Rustchynsky revealed that Avlanche (not to be confused with the Hogwarts Legacy studio) has multiple projects in the works and the game he’s working on is based on an original IP.

Rustchynsky spent nearly a decade at Sony and almost half of his time at the company was spent working on MotorStorm. However, it was DriveClub that thrust him into the limelight on social media. The game, which was touted as one of PlayStation 4’s killer app, experienced a very messy launch. DriveClub was lauded for its graphics and VR components but never made it to the ranks of franchises like Gran Turismo and Forza.

In March 2021, DriveClub‘s servers were shut down, following which Rustchynsky told fans that a sequel is highly unlikely. He also said that DriveClub is one of Sony’s first-party titles that probably won’t ever receive PS5 enhancements.

[Source: Twitter via VGC]