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Sony has “Hundreds of Developers Globally” on PS4 and Have Sent Out “Hundreds of Dev Kits”

We’re back with even more information from the roundtable Anthony attended with Adam Boyes, VP of Publisher Relations at SCEA, who Anthony called “the man,” this time it’s all about the developers on the PlayStation 4.

One of the attendees wanted to find out an exact number of developers who are backing the PlayStation 4 right now, with Adam saying that, since February 20th, they’ve “had hundreds of developers globally register on our website,” poking fun at how they hadn’t had a website until GDC explaining how you could be a developer.

He followed this up by saying they’ve “sent out hundreds of dev kits,” with Young Horses (Octodad) being a standout because they had their game up and running in 60fps on a PS4 after four weeks (watch the trailer here). The fact that they’re only a part-time developer and were able to bring a PC title to PS4 so quickly “was awesome and inspiring.”

Are you happy that hundreds of developers have dev kits right now? Or would you prefer thousands? Let us know in the comments below.