Sony Isn’t “Announcing any Details” for The Last Guardian, But “It is Alive”

After Jack Tretton said The Last Guardian was “on hiatus,” then Shuhei Yoshida clarified that it’s in “active development,” Scott Rohde, Software Product Development Head at Sony Worldwide Studios America, simply told Joystiq that “it is alive.”

Going into a little bit more detail, Rohde said “we’re not talking about when The Last Guardian is coming out, but it is still a game that there’s a lot of love for inside PlayStation walls, because everybody sees how emotionally driven that the entire fan base of PlayStation always responds with when we talk about The Last Guardian.”

Although these comments do make it seem like TLG is on track, unfortunately, they’re “not announcing any details on it.”

We’ll let you know if another Sony employee says anything relevant for The Last Guardian and its development.

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